Incision management

As the number of surgical interventions rise each year, substantial numbers of patients develop Surgical Site Infections (SSI) and other incisional complications which pose a threat to post-operative outcomes. SSI’s can lead to healing complications including: haematoma, seroma and dehiscence which are associated with increased morbidity and increased health care related costs causing a significant impact on care providers and patients.

Closed-incision Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (ciNPWT) has now emerged as prophylatic option to reduce the risk of surgical site complications.

ConvaTec Surgical Solutions powered by Hydrofiber® Technology can help you in the challenge to prevent Surgical Site Complications.

  • 21.8%

    of all health care associated infections are SSI’s1

  • €5,886

    median cost per patient attributable to an SSI3

  • x2

    almost doubled health care related costs due to SSI4

  • 500,000

    people are affected by SSI’s in the EU per year2

  • €19bn

    costs attributed to SSI’s in the EU per year2

Incisional complications can be costly:

  • 10 days

    estimated increase length of stay attributable to SSI2

  • 3x

    tripled mortality rate5

  • 5x

    increased likelihood of readmission4

Impacts of SSIs on the health care system and patients:

Harness the power of Closed-Incision Negative Pressure Wound Therapy to avoid the impact of SSI’s.

Adapted from: World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) Consensus Document. Closed surgical incision management: understanding the role of NPWT. Wounds International, 2016 s. 19

Effects of NPWT on Closed Incisions6

The mechanism of action of closed incision NPWT has multiple benefits:7

  • Reduces incision line tension
  • Decreases oedema
  • Provides an airtight seal

How the Avelle NPWT System supports closed incisions:

  • Easy Application

    all-in-one dressing available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of surgical specialities and applications.

  • Hydrofiber® Technology

    gels on contact with wound fluid and locks in bacteria keeping it away from surrounding skin.

  • Patient comfort

    small, portable pump allows patients to stay active to aid recovery.

  • Incision protection

    provides a viral, bacterial and showerproof barrier.

  • NPWT

    proven to deliver 80mmHg (±20 mmHg) continuous therapy to the incision.

  • 30 day pump lifespan*

    30 days of NPWT allowing for multiple dressing changes avoiding weekly pump replacements

ConvaTec Surgical Solutions

ConvaTec – your choice in post-operative wound management powered by Hydrofiber® Technology.

ConvaTec are a leading global medical technology company with a specialist range of wound healing solutions powered by Hydrofiber® Technology with the added option of closed incision Negative Pressure Therapy. Through the adoption of our Surgical Solutions pathway you can risk assess your patients and select the right post-operative dressing solution at the right time to reduce the risk of surgical site complications and improve post-operative outcomes.

Case studies

Read a few of the Avelle NPWT success stories across a variety of surgical and challenging wound indications.

Embrace the healing power of the Avelle NPWT System
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