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Closed Surgical Incision – 10-day Treatment

  • 45-year-old female.
  • Breast cancer patient – mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction using a total latissimus dorsi flap.
    • 21 cm surgical incision. Skin closed stitched with resorbable subcuticular sutures.
    • The wound broke down and was measured at (L) 6 cm x (W) 2 cm with extensive undermining.
Management & Results
  • The Avelle NPWT System with the 12x31cm dressing was applied on day 2, and the dressing was changed on days 5, 7 and 10 postoperatively, at which point NPWT was discontinued.
  • The wound showed improvement, measuring (L) 6 cm x (W) 1.5 cm, exudate in the drain remained stable. The wound had dried up; dead tissue had been successfully debrided and the peri-wound skin was less purple.

Figure 1: Day 1

Figure 2: Avelle NPWT Dressing in situ

Figure 3: Postoperative Day 7

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