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Hip Replacement – 4 Day Treatment

  • 69 year-old female.
  • Admitted for total hip replacement.
  • Comorbidities included chronic anaemia and type 2 diabetes.
  • BMI over 35.
  • Initial surgery went well with no issues noted and discharged home with AQUACEL® Surgical dressing and prescribed Dabigtran (VTE prophylaxis).
  • 9 days later the patient experienced pain and wound discharge.
  • The patient was reviewed at the clinic on day 9 (Figure 1) the wound was bruised, indurated with mild exudate.
Management & Results
  • The Avelle™ NPWT System was applied on day 9 and Dabigatran stopped.
  • The incision was reviewed 4 days later (Figure 2) and presented clean, dry and with no bruising.

Figure 1

Figure 2

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