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Closed Surgical Incision – 6-day Treatment

  • 35-year old female.
  • Breast cancer patient went on to have a skin-sparing mastectomy, axillary node dissection and immediate breast reconstruction using an autologous latissimus dorsi flap.
  • The surgical incision was 15cm long and stitched in layers, ending with a resorbable subcuticular structure.
  • The surrounding skin had a purplish tinge
Management & Results
  • The Avelle NPWT System was applied to the dorsal wound at the end of the operation.
  • Due to the proximity of the drain, the main challenge during the first 2 postoperative days was to keep the dressing sealed. The Avelle NPWT dressing was changed on day two with the port in a paravertebral position.
  • On day 6 the drain was no longer productive, this was removed and the patient taken off NPWT, all signs of peri-wound skin breakdown had disappeared (Figure 2). After discharge the wound was treated with a Hydrofiber ® Technology foam dressing for 5 days, after which it was exposed to air.
  • The portable Avelle NPWT Pump and slim-line dressing allowed the patient to remain mobile, shower and dress as normal.

Figure 1: Avelle NPWT System application

Figure 2: End of NPWT Therapy

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