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Dehisced Surgical Incision – 28 Day Treatment

  • A 35-year-old female.
  • Patient had undergone elective abdominoplasty surgery.
  • The wound had begun to dehisce on the far-left side of the abdominoplasty.
  • Small pinhole wounds the largest measuring 1.2cm x 0.8cm x 1.1cm with undermining of 1.8cm noted (Figure 2).
  • Diagnosed as fat necrosis.
Management & Results
  • Patient treated with the Avelle™ NPWT System for 28 days with 4 dressing changes.
  • Wound exudate had been successfully managed, leaving the peri wound skin intact and healthy.
  • The wound had decreased in size and required a simple, inert dressing.
  • The wound continued to heal to complete closure.
  • The patient and the Healthcare Professionals were pleased with the outcome.

Figure 1: 5 weeks post-operation increased exudate and redness.

Figure 2: Dehiscence on the far left side of the abdominoplasty.

Figure 3: 7 days after Avelle™ NPWT application – undermining healed.

Figure 4: Largest area of dehiscence with 100% clean granulation tissue

Figure 5: Exudate managed by the Hydrofiber® Technology Avelle™ NPWT dressing.

Figure 6: Surgical incision healed to complete closure.

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