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Dehisced Surgical Incision – 30-day Treatment

  • 54-year-old female.
  • Patient underwent plastic surgery for medial lifting of the thighs.
  • Surgical dehiscence following a fall. The wound was located in the inguinal fold. The patient was mobile and moving normally subjecting the injured tissues to continuous tension and movement.
  • The wound measured 4x22cm (Figure 1) with necrotic tissue present.
  • After debridement there was presence of necrotic tissue and fibrin (figure 2) with abundant exudate and presence of infection.
  • Undermined margins with detachment of the tissue as a consequence of the trauma.
Management & Results
  • Avelle™ NPWT System initially applied with 12x31cm dressing and changed twice a week for a total of 11 dressing changes.
  • The anatomical site was difficult to manage due to the positioning of the dressing complicated by the presence of folds in the peri-wound skin and hair that created difficult conditions to maintain the vacuum.
  • Despite the stress to which the dressing was subjected and thanks to the hydrophilic interface, Avelle™ managed the exudate well, being able to remain on the wound for a long time even without negative pressure; other portable disposable devices with negative pressure would have struggled to prevent perilesional maceration. A further complication due to the patient's movements which, leading a normal life, generated strong tensions on maintaining the vacuum.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3: Beginning of therapy with the Avelle NPWT System

Figure 4: Dressing change after 2 days

Figure 5 - Day 18

Figure 6 - End of treatment with Avelle NPWT System

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