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Mixed Aetiology Leg Ulcer – 7-Day Treatment

  • 84-year old male patient with mixed arterial and venous leg ulcer which had been present for many months.
  • The wound had been previously managed with AQUACEL™ dressings.
  • On 7th November 2017, the patient had a punch skin graft performed after which the Avelle™ NPWT System was applied using the 16cm x 21cm dressing. Prior to dressing application, the wound measured 8cm x 7.5cm and consisted of 30% fibrous and 70% granulating tissue.
Management & Results
  • After 7 days of negative pressure therapy and 2 dressing changes, the wound had sufficiently progressed to be treated with a foam dressing.
  • The subject experienced a pain score of 2 (EVA Scale) on the application of negative pressure and the removal of the dressing.
  • No pain was experienced during wear. At the end of negative pressure wound therapy, 80% of the punch grafts had taken, which is higher than would normally be achieved using standard care.

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