Avelle In-Vitro

In-vitro studies demonstrate that the Avelle NPWT System can manage fluid whilst distributing negative pressure through the dressing to the wound bed using a simulated wound model.

Total fluid handling demonstrated by the Avelle NPWT Dressing

Effective fluid handling

The Avelle NPWT Dressing with Hydrofiber® Technology interacts with the wound bed by creating a moist wound healing environment whilst absorbing and locking in exudate 1 and the bacteria2,3 it contains.

In-vitro fluid handling studies demonstrate that:

PROVEN: The Avelle NPWT Dressing absorbed all test fluid whilst under 80 mmHg with no fluid pooling demonstrating optimal fluid management.

PROVEN: Effective fluid handling harnessing the mode of action of Hydrofiber® Technology.

Moderate exudate (82 ± 10mL) simulated wound bed after a 3-day period

Designed to manage low to moderate levels of exudate

Exudate is managed by the Avelle NPWT System via absorption and transpiration through the absorbent Hydrofiber® Technology layers and the breathable backing layer.

PROVEN: The absorption and moisture vapour transmission rate demonstrated by the Avelle NPWT dressing works to facilitate a beneficial moist wound healing environment.

Delivery of negative pressure over 7 days through 4 layers of AQUACEL® Extra Dressing

Continuous delivery of negative pressure

The Avelle NPWT System is designed to produce a continuous negative pressure of 80mmHg (±20 mmHg) across the wound surface. In-vitro studies demonstrate4 that:

PROVEN: Negative pressure of 80mmHg (±20 mmHg) is delivered through the hydrated Hydrofiber ® Technology Dressing to the simulated wound bed through 4 layers of AQUACEL ® Extra Dressing to a depth of 2 cm over 7 days.

Maintenance of negative pressure (mmHg)

Maintenance of negative pressure

In-vitro testing demonstrates4 the one-way valve within the airway luer lock connector maintains pressure after removing the pump from the dressing after 1 hour ± 10 mmHg.

PROVEN: to deliver continuous negative pressure of 80mmHg (±20 mmHg) to the wound bed.
PROVEN: to maintain pressure upon disconnection from the pump for up to 1 hour.

Avelle NPWT System In-Vitro summary:

  1. PROVEN: continuous delivery of 80mmHg (±20 mmHg) through Hydrofiber® Technology in a gelled state.
  2. PROVEN: delivery of negative pressure when combined with AQUACEL® Extra filler dressing.
  3. PROVEN: effective fluid management in low to moderate exuding wounds.
  4. PROVEN: Avelle NPWT dressing -can maintain negative pressure for up to 1 hour when disconnected from the pump.
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