Avelle NPWT System

The Avelle NPWT System is suitable for wounds with low to moderate levels of exudate including:

  • Chronic Wounds (e.g. ulcers)
  • Acute Wounds e.g.
  • -   traumatic
  • -   dehisced wounds
  • -   flaps and grafts
  • -   surgically closed incision sites

With Hydrofiber® Technology specifically engineered for NPWT, Avelle provides the optimal balance of absorbency and moisture vapour transmission to create a moist wound healing environment.


The only NPWT system combined with Hydrofiber® Technology

Surgical incisions, acute and chronic wounds present a range of physiological challenges which require a responsive interface to deal the changes in wound environment. The right NPWT pump and dressing combination can make the difference in supporting wound closure and aiding patient recovery.

That’s why we designed Avelle bringing together two clinically proven wound healing technologies into one system: NPWT and Hydrofiber® Technology. Working synergistically, Avelle gives your patients the proven benefits of NPWT with optimal moist wound healing delivered by Hydrofiber® Technology.

  • Optimal balance

    Hydrofiber® Technology provides an optimal balance between total absorbency and moisture vapour transfer, to create a moist wound healing environment.

  • Proven to deliver

    Avelle is proven to deliver continuous negative pressure of 80mmHg (±20 mmHg) to the wound bed for up to 30 days.*

In a multi-centre evaluation of 92 patients treated with the Avelle NPWT System Health Care Professionals rated Avelle as follows:1


very good or good system ease of application


very good or good dressing comfort


very good or good ease of dressing removal


wound size reduction


of HCPs would recommend the Avelle NPWT System

Hydrofiber® Technology

Dressing technology plays an important role in wound healing

Traditional wound interfaces such as foam, gauze or perforated silicone provide a passive contact surface with the wound and simply act as a conduit for negative pressure transmission and wound fluid. These materials can limit the adaptability and conformability to the wound surface and may provide the opportunity for free fluids to habour bacteria and biofilm.2,3

Hydrofiber® Technology – A responsive wound interface

Hydrofiber Technology is a high purity cellulose which is chemically converted into the gelling fiber Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) which retains it structure and integrity when its in a gelled state. The soft, absorbent material provides a range of specialist properties to aid wound healing:

  • Locks in wound exudate and traps bacteria4-6,+ to help protect peri-wound skin and reduce maceration.7,8,+

  • Micro-contours to the wound bed, minimising dead space where bacterial can grow.9,+

  • Responds to wound conditions by forming a cohesive gel to minimise pain at dressing change.10-12,+

Engineered to Optimise NPWT

Hydrofiber Technology is a specially engineered wound healing interface which has been developed into a range of constructs to address the challenges of both wound and incision management. Today Hydrofiber® Technology is at the heart of our AQUACEL®, AQUACEL® Foam, AQUACEL® Surgical and Avelle NPWT dressings range.

For more than 20 years ConvaTec has been helping clinicians to improve patient outcomes, enabling patients to move on with their lives through the use of Hydrofiber® Technology – globally proven and trusted.

Hydrofiber® Technology

Gelling effect of Hydrofiber® Technology

The Interactive Avelle NPWT Dressing

Hydrofiber® Technology interface and inner layers within the Avelle NPWT Dressing are specially engineered into an apertured design to allow negative pressure transmission through to the wound.+ Here’s how the dressing layers work in a sequence to allow negative pressure transmission whilst creating a beneficial moist wound healing environment13 for up to 7-days:

  • Perforated silicone adhesive borders

    Secures the dressing in place while being gentle during removal. The silicone borders can be repositioned if a seal is not obtained during the application process.

The Avelle NPWT Pump

Small, lightweight and single-use the Avelle NPWT pump delivers 80mmHg (±20 mmHg) to the incision or wound at the push of a button. With a lifetime of up to 30 days*, the Avelle NPWT Pump provides flexibility for short or extended therapy beyond 7-days and across different care settings.

  • Up to 30-day lifespan*

    30 days* of NPWT allowing for multiple dressing changes and avoiding weekly pump replacements

  • Ergonomic and easy to use

    Small size and contoured design fits into a pocket with single button operation.

  • 80 mmHg (+20 mmHg)

    Continuous therapy delivered through the Hydrofiber® Technology dressing.

  • Clinically cost effective

    Health economic solution when compared to 7-day devices.

Cost effective over 30-Days*

The Avelle NPWT Pump is proven to deliver NPWT for up to 30 days* offering a cost effective solution.

  • Avelle NPWT Pump - 30-day* Lifespan
  • PICO and PICO 7 NPWT Pumps - 7-day Lifespan

Compared with alternative 7 or 14-day devices:

  • The Avelle NPWT Pump has a 30-day* lifespan which provides flexibility for extended ciNPT or NPWT.
  • Multiple dressing changes can be made without the need for weekly or bi-weekly pump replacements helping you to contain treatment costs.
  • Avelle NPWT Dressings are provided in separate packs which allow you to efficiently manage stock and minimise wasted dressings.
Embrace the healing power of the Avelle NPWT System
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