Are you a patient?

If your incision or wound is being managed with Avelle™ Negative Presure Wound Therapy we are here to help. If you have any questions about your therapy or simply want to know more about how the Avelle™ NPWT System works, we’ve complied some helpful information for you.

What is Negative Pressure Wound Therapy?

Avelle™ is a specially designed sealed wound dressing. It is connected to a small pump that delivers continual suction, called Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT).

When switched on, suction is applied to the dressing, air is sucked out of the dressing and wound fluid is absorbed into the dressing. This continued vacuum effect also increases blood flow to the area which, along with fluid management, promotes healing.

Female patient, UK

“I had breast reduction surgery, unfortunately a month after my operation I got an infection in my left breast which resulted in a large open wound next to my nipple. After seeing my Consultant and Nurse the best course of action discussed was a negative pressure dressing to help heal the wound.”

“Nobody noticed I had the pump fitted so I didn’t have to explain anything to anyone. I found lots of ways of hiding the pump, I made a small pouch that it fitted in. I think the Avelle™ pump definitely accelerated the healing process for me, and for that I’m very grateful. I hope I never have the need for one again, but if I did I wouldn’t think twice about using it.”

Avelle™ NPWT Pump

What is the Avelle™ NPWT System?

The Avelle™ NPWT System includes a wound dressing which is connected to a small pump that delivers suction called Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). The dressing is applied to the wound and secured in place with fixation strips. It is then connected to the pump. When switched on, suction is applied to the dressing, air is sucked out of the dressing and wound fluid is absorbed into the dressing.

  • Yellow ! air leak indicator light

    Flashes when an air leak has been detected within the system.

Living with Avelle™

  • It’s designed to promote healing
    Through the combination of fluid management within the dressing and the effect of negative pressure wound therapy.
  • It’s simple to use
    Three indicators lights let you know that the pump is working, when the pump needs new batteries, or if there is a problem with the system caused by an air leak.
  • It’s small and ergonomic
    The small, lightweight pump means you can mobilise with the system to minimise disruption to daily living.
  • The pump has a long-life
    The single-use pump has a life of up to 30 days.*
  • Dressings can be worn for up to 7 days
    Depending on your wound type and how much fluid it produces.


The Avelle NPWT Pump is fitted with visual indicators to show the pump is functioning correctly – there are no audible alarms. The green “✓” indicator light will flash continually to indicate the pump is working properly. During use, users should regularly check the pump is functioning accurately. If the pump stops working, please contact your carer or Healthcare Professional.

No, you can’t disconnect it at night. In order to ensure continual negative pressure, the pump should be connected to the dressing and turned on at all times. Avelle is quiet and shouldn’t disturb your sleep. When in bed, place the pump in a secure place so it doesn’t fall on the floor. The only exception to keeping the pump connected is when you shower or bathe.

Yes. The frequency of dressing changes varies from patient to patient and very much depends upon the type of wound you have and how much fluid it is producing. In some cases a dressing can stay in place for up to 7 days, in other cases it must be changed sooner. Your healthcare professional will be able to tell when your wound requires a dressing change. You may feel some slight discomfort during dressing changes. If this is the case, let the person doing your dressing change know.

You can take a light shower, but keep the dressing out of direct spray and don’t submerge it. Before you shower, make sure you disconnect the pump. Instructions for this are in the Patient Guide at the bottom of this page. Place the pump in a safe, dry place while you wash, and reconnect it once you’re washed and dried. If you have any trouble connecting or reconnecting, contact your carer or healthcare professional.

Yes. Just dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with mild soapy water and wipe over the pump. Or you can use a non-flammable antimicrobial wash if the pump has been contaminated with bodily fluids.

It’s easy to change the 3 AAA batteries. First, hold the blue button for 3 seconds until the pump is switched off. Slide the back battery cover off, remove old batteries, insert new batteries and replace the cover. Indicator lights will flash to let you know the batteries are inserted properly.

This is a question for your carer or healthcare professional, as it depends on your wound. But the same dressing can stay in place for up to 7 days and the pump lasts up to 30 days.*

The lights on the pump will indicate if there is an issue:

  • If the yellow “” indicator light starts to flash the batteries must be replaced within 24 hours. Press the blue button for 3 seconds to switch on the pump and replace the batteries.
  • Press the blue button for 3 seconds to switch on and you will see the green “✓“ indicator light start to flash to confirm NPWT has re-started. If batteries are not changed within 24 hours the pump will automatically turn off ceasing therapy, and the yellow “” indicator will flash until the blue button is pressed.
  • If the yellow “!” indicator light starts to flash when there is an air leak from the dressing and the pump cannot apply NPWT. The pump will turn off after 30 seconds. Ensure the dressing is properly stuck down and smooth out any creases in the dressing border and fixation strips where there may be a leak. Also check the tubing connectors are tightly fastened together.
  • Then press the blue button for 3 seconds to re-start NPWT and the green “✓” indicator light will start to flash. If the yellow “!” indicator light starts to flash again, repeat the process of smoothing out any creases and press the blue button. If you see the flashing yellow “!” indicator light again, you should contact your healthcare professional as your dressing may need changing.

Due to its ergonomic, curved shape the Avelle NPWT Pump may be placed into your pocket or alternatively can be carried within the Avelle NPWT carry bag. The pump must not be secured against the skin and should be checked frequently to ensure it is functioning correctly.

If none of the indicator lights are flashing then press the blue button for 3 seconds. If the pump does not restart, and none of the indicator lights flash, then try changing the batteries. If the pump still does not re-start despite having pressed the blue button and changing the batteries, but the two yellow “!” and “ ” indicator lights flash alternately, then the pump has exceeded its 30 days lifespan and a new pump is required. Contact your healthcare professional.

Contact your Health Care Professional in the first instance should you have any queries about your wound or the therapy system. You can also download our patient information guide which provides further information on the Avelle NPWT System.


Precautions/Warnings - Patients should be advised of the following and should contact their carer or healthcare professional straight away:
  • If you experience irritation or increased pain.
  • If wound fluid leaks from the dressing.
  • If you see any signs of bleeding.
  • If the skin around the wound becomes red, warm, or painful.
  • If the dressing comes loose or falls off.
  • If the pump unit is damaged.
  • Do not perform any maintenance while the pump is in use, i.e. cleaning or
  • changing of batteries.
  • Keep pump unit out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat.
  • Do not secure pump against the skin.
  • When showering, disconnect the Avelle NPWT Pump from the dressing and do not directly spray the dressing or submerge in water. The pump unit has been tested and rated to IP22 as to not be damaged or become unsafe if accidentally exposed to vertically or nearly vertically dripping water and is protected against solid objects >12.5mm (0.5 in.) e.g. a finger.
  • Keep pump unit free from dust and lint and out of reach of children, pets or pests.


Avelle™ Patient Leaflet

Information for patients. If you’re using Avelle™, be sure to download this leaflet and read it carefully. It contains full details on what you’ve read on this page, and more.

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